Collection: Nail Aftercare Kit




Cuticle Oil

Did you know you should be using cuticle oil daily to to keep your nail and surrounding skin healthy and nourished. Place a few drops on your cuticles and gently massage them in an upwards motion. With consistent use, you will notice hydrated nails with healthy skin around them. 


Block Buffer 

The buffer has two sides one is a coarse grit to file off the remaining glue and shape your nail edge the other side is much smoother to buff out and smooth ridges on your natural nails this is to be used when you are not re-applying your press on nails  


Reusable Cuticle Stick 

Unlike the wooden sticks in the application kit this can be be used infinite times and will hold up much better when using in the water through the removal process of your press on nails. 


Alcohol Wipes 

As with the application kit these are used for removing and build up of dust both on your press ons and your natural nails after filing to remove the glue. 


Nail File 

The file can be used to remove the dried on glue both on your natural nails and your press on nails after removal so the press ons can be used again. 


Nail Aftercare Kit